One of the oldest Merchant Banker in Indian Capital Market

Chartered Capital And Investment Limited (CCIL) is one of the oldest Merchant Banker in Indian Capital Market having registered as category I Merchant Banker with SEBI with effect from 1st April, 1994.

CCIL is basically engaged in Merchant Banking activities, which include Public Issue Management including SME IPO, Right Issue Management, Takeover assignments, Qualified Institutional Placement, Buyback offer, Delisting of securities, Valuation and various Corporate Advisory Services.

In the arena of the Merchant Banking activities, CCIL’s focus is to ensure prompt and absolutely transparent services, which are in the best interest of clients and potential investors. CCIL has managed more than 25 Public / Rights Issues as Lead Manager, acted as advisor to the issue in more than 6 Public issues and managed more than 100 Takeover Offers/ Buyback offer / Delisting offer as Manager to the Offer.

“CCIL is a one stop shop for Merchant Banking activities”